Sunnybook Farm Reading Challenge 2021 Wrap-up

Probably the best part of this awful pandemic season is meeting people—online, of course—who share your interests, heart, and vibes. I can't even begin to tell you how much my online book clubs have saved me, and the sweetest one is Sunnybook Farm, which is hosted on a Discord server led by Ena. One of… Continue reading Sunnybook Farm Reading Challenge 2021 Wrap-up


Asian Readathon 2021 Wrap-up

This is my first year to join the Asian Readathon hosted by Cindy, and I am happy to report that I've finished the books I picked in my TBR. I've also had some wiggle room to read more Asian-authored books, so this post is unexpectedly twice as long as I planned! Here are mini reviews… Continue reading Asian Readathon 2021 Wrap-up

PhilMyth Readathon 2021 Wrap-up

This is the first readathon I have ever joined, and wow, what a jam-packed two weeks! I picked books that I've always wanted to read and crammed them all into two weeks. My heart is so tired and full and happy after reading too many intense books in a row, and I've had such an… Continue reading PhilMyth Readathon 2021 Wrap-up