Nonfiction Reading Bingo Check-in #2: A really late upload

Since this post has been stuck in my backlog for months, I've been hesitating to release this specific check-in and just jam all the updates in one go. But reviewing all my notes for this stretch of my reading journey made me realize how far I've come, and I think that a proper progress check-in is still in order.


Wikathon 3: Readerakas Possibility Pile

August is officially declared as the Buwan ng Wika (National Month of Languages), and I always love the prompts, programs, and art that are highlighted during this season! If you want to dive into the depth and breadth of Filipino literature, Kate @ Your Tita Kate organized Wikathon 3: Readerakas with several amazing prompts: This… Continue reading Wikathon 3: Readerakas Possibility Pile

Nonfiction Reading Bingo Check-in #1: A rough but productive start

My bookish resolution this year is to read more nonfiction! I created a chill reading challenge to help provide some sense of progress while going out of my literary comfort zone, and if you would still like to join me, you can check out this post. It has been a quite a journey since my… Continue reading Nonfiction Reading Bingo Check-in #1: A rough but productive start

Recommendations: Books by Filipino Authors based on Wikathon Prompts

It is waaaay past August, but I hope that you've remembered to celebrate the Buwan ng Wika (Month of [the National] Language) or Buwan ng mga Akdang Pinoy (Month of Filipino Literature) with us! It had been an exciting month here in our local bookish community, and encouraging each other to read more works by… Continue reading Recommendations: Books by Filipino Authors based on Wikathon Prompts

Asian Readathon 2021 Wrap-up

This is my first year to join the Asian Readathon hosted by Cindy, and I am happy to report that I've finished the books I picked in my TBR. I've also had some wiggle room to read more Asian-authored books, so this post is unexpectedly twice as long as I planned! Here are mini reviews… Continue reading Asian Readathon 2021 Wrap-up